Like most people, my desire was simply the state of happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. But figuring out what made me happy and channelling it into something I could get paid for was my real challenge. Ironically, prostitution remains a faux pas despite its biblical profession reference, and original definition.

I found gainful employment at Starbucks and figured I’d sort out my quest for happiness among creative types, now designated as hipsters. Truthfully at the time I hated coffee, but the overwhelming love of this coffee company was undeniable. Its company mission to ‘nurture the human spirit‘ made me a humanitarian within the coffee universe. I took on the green apron rock star status and my vocabulary shifted from extra-large to “venti”. Eventually I earned the coveted black apron coffee master status. I learned to respect the almighty bean, developed an appreciation of coffee, and refined my taste for the posh coffee culture. The definition of my job defined me, and surprisingly happiness followed. But only for a short time because happiness is not static, it’s dynamic.

Along my coffee journey I became a bean counter caught up in the euphoria of expensive espresso while nurturing many human spirits. Justifying expensive coffee wasn’t the challenge– It should come as no shock what humans will pay to have their spirits nurtured. We all want to be nurtured because it makes us happy.

At first I couldn’t understand why my happiness was fading. My grind was consistent enough to move up the Shultz’s corporate ladder. But it was too late my beans had expired. At times I didn’t feel nurtured, and blamed the faceless corporation for failing on their mission. What I didn’t consider in my state of happiness quest, was that through my experience I’d evolve to a different state of mind. My desired state was merely a state of mind that hinged on whether I was being nurtured. This revelation came with another realization: I needed to stop being a faceless bean counter.

It took the better part of my coffee journey, and a nemesis manifested as a District Manager to discover just who was responsible for the nurturing of my own being. Within the matrix of the unstoppable coffeehouse corporation, I was just a number. But I had purpose. I was in service to humanity, and I got free coffee. The Shultz coffee matrix caffeinated my state of happiness, but I realized it was my mission to nurture it.

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