Nothing Happens Without A Good Story

It’s about desire and deceit, veiled as wants and needs.


Based on the endless stories we all tell ourselves, life often seems quite hard. But without both desire and deceit, there’d be nothing at all. And though we’d like to keep one in place of the other, we’re stuck with both. Fortunately everything has its purpose: sometimes that purpose justifies the state, and other times it glorifies the church. When purpose satisfies both, we’re one step closer to wholeness.

Regardless of beliefs, time is the foundation of peace between church and state. Not time in the sense of measured numbers, but instead the simple sequence of beginning, middle, and end. Most ancient stories follow this linear structure. But the universal story is an infinite loop that connects the beginning to the end.

Perhaps life and everything in it is truly all an illusion, but through the sharing of experiences, I reckon we can bridge the gap between church & state, and also weave together a pretty good story. Like the great writers that came before me, I write what I know. And as a neuro-alchemist, I’ll share some of what those ancient stories revealed to me through art and science in hopes that you’ll use both sides of your mind to feel and also think for yourself. And lastly, to answer the obvious question: yes, my favourite dance is still the robot.